Ariel (instagram-necro1134)

Patient Leader

I'm Ariel. I'm a very proud mommy to an amazing 5 year old boy, as well as a puppy. I'm a horror movie junkie and music addict. I'm an 'in your face,' 'tell it like it is,' type of personality. I also happen to have Crohn's Disease with a permanent ileostomy, which I'm not afraid to show. Life continues.


Best in Show: Instagram Best Kept Secret

Ariel is inspiring and knowledgable in any post she makes. It may be a "selfie" of her and her ostomy, but she'll take the time to explain what it is to anyone that asks. She reaches more people, than she even realizes. She deserves any recognition there is.  — Alison

She has come out and shown how influential she is towards others in the community. She posts pictures, writes comments, reads everyones posts, and much more; all to make sure no one feels alone. When people make the connection between her and all she does, it's a big light bulb moment as if people are surprised. She is ever-evolving, and a true inspiration for me, daily. I'm thankful that Ariel is in my life.  — Alison

Ariel (instagram-necro1134)

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