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I've been poking fun at healthcare since long before I wound up with a cancer diagnosis - hilariously, one of the first bits I wrote for my standup comedy set was about mammograms. So of course I wound up with a breast cancer dx in late '07, and turned that into "Cancer for Christmas: Making the Most of a Daunting Gift" which became an Amazon best seller in '09. I now produce a podcast (in addition to the ones I produce for medical societies via the Wiley & Son publishing house) called Healthcare Is HILARIOUS! Because it totally is.


Richmond, VA


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Casey is one of the most active, passionate, informed and well-recognized patient advocates out there. She runs several patient-centered tweetchats, participates in several healthcare communities on google+, and attends many healthcare conferences to give patients a voice.  — Kathi

Many decades of service. Makes an impact nationally by convening groups to tackle issues like Facebook. Personal mentorship. Funny and serious as the moment warrents  — Danny


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