Dr Neal Houston

Patient Leader

Trained to work with diverse individuals in complex situations - By listening, observing, assessing skills, making plans, and help patients rethink their options, envisioning more satisfying futures. Creating solutions, helping clients resolve issues that are blocking their success and happiness. Even in cases of resistance or fear, and help clients understand how to re-frame and diminish their problems. Teaching new skills, and guide patients toward greater independence. Individuals learn the value of listening to their inner self, gain a greater appreciation for their own abilities, and increase their self-confidence. They begin to see how behavioral changes result in new opportunities.


Pocono Laurel Lake, PA


Best in Show: Google+

Dr. Houston is a compassionate and caring individual.  — Amanda

This Doctor provides great insight and awareness to the online communities  — Christopher

Dr. Houston is a very compassionate and knowledgeable.  — Joyce

Dr. Houston is very helpful and understanding. Very easy to talk with.

Dr Neal Houston

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