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Amy Medling, CHC, is the founder of PCOS, an online resource dedicated to helping women understand and manage the symptoms associated with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). She studied holistic nutrition at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and is a Certified Health Coach. Diagnosed with PCOS 12 years ago, Amy thought she found relief when her doctor prescribed Metformin and the birth control pill. Instead of relief, she felt trapped inside a body that rejected these artificial treatments. This is when her Diva journey began. She moved from a “why me?” self-pity state to a place of empowerment that ultimately led her to becoming a “PCOS Diva”. Her dedication and research produced a proven treatment plan that uses whole food, natural remedies, supplements, exercise, self-care, positive thinking and stress reduction to relieve and control PCOS symptoms. Amy’s goal is to coach other women with PCOS, to find a body, mind and spirit balance that will have them proclaiming, “I’m a PCOS Diva too!”


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Best in Show: Blog

Amy is truly one of a kind and is always there to help women with PCOS.  — Denise

She's continually doing research and informing the PCOS community about new studies. Amy is full of inspiration and passes it along to all of us. She's the best.

Her website is changing the health of women all over the world. We are learning how to effectively manage a disease that has been let down by the medical community.  — Jennifer

If it weren't for me finding PCOS Diva, I believe that I would literally be dying right now. I was able to reverse diabetes, and nueropathy and symptoms of PCOS because of her. Her health and wellness coaching and meal plans are affordable and sometiimes free. She keeps up to date on all new information and shares things every single day. I recommend everyone I know with PCOS, Diabetetes, or insulin resistance to like her facebook page and go to If anyone deserves to win, it is Amy Medling and her brand PCOS Diva.  — carla

Amy works SO hard every day to share information that improves the lives of women with PCOS. She's a pioneer PCOS blogger and has the most beautiful huge heart too! Amy truly cares!  — Fiona


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