Susie Wang

Patient Leader

While studying at the University of California at Berkeley, I accidentally found my calling. I discovered a way to stabilize all natural ingredients from oxidizing in skincare and was able to patent this technology! I realized that many chemicals that were widely used in cosmetics were proven to cause cancer, tumors, irritations, and other skin disorders. In addition to using toxic chemicals, I witnessed formulas only having just a dash of the active ingredients they were advertising and that most formulas were diluted with mostly water, thickeners, emulsifiers and other cheap fillers to “economize.” Furthermore, I was outraged that many companies would claim “no animal testing” because even if the final formula itself was not tested on animals, many of the ingredients were indeed tested on animals. When creating 100% Pure, I ensured that all of our products were made with pure food grade ingredients such as fruits, honey, seaweeds and other natural herbs, which never require animal testing. It became my mission in life to create pure, effective, and cruelty-free products. 100% Pure is truly health food for the skin, without any harsh, unsafe chemicals that can pollute our bodies or our planet. All our 100% Pure formulas are biodegradable, all our labels are printed with non toxic soy ink, our packaging is from post recycled and or recyclable materials, and even our shipping materials are pre-cycled - we pick up from our neighbors packing materials such as popcorn and packing boxes to re-use them, which eliminates waste. I want to inspire and inform everyone that it is possible to live a beautiful and healthy life by using products that are not only safe for us, but safe for animals and our world.

Past Awards Participation

Third Annual Health Activist Awards


Health Activist Hero
Susie Wang

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