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Even with the self-confidence and ambition gained from many amazing life experiences in my late teens & early twenties, as a chronic illness patient it took me years to escape the mental pitfalls of chronic illness. I became accustomed to believing I was damaged goods, isolating myself, denial & excessive substance use. Ten years later, it is my hope that my direct & sometimes humorous writings help readers avoid such pitfalls. I have Systemic Lupus, Fibromyalgia, & POTS. But it is my goal that my writing does not become about MY disease, symptoms, or treatments. It is about the reader, how the reader feels about themselves, & brainstorming solutions to chronic illness obstacles.


Best Kept Secret

AshleyJane is a newcomer in the field of health activism. However, she has arrived full force with her brilliant and humorous book 'Living Incurably Despite Chronic Illness.' A book which is relevant to anyone living with chronic illness, whatever the diagnosis. The book and her blog is an encouragement to live well despite chronic illness.  — Rhiann

Really a chic, fun blog with great advice. More people need to read her.  — Rachel

AshleyJane of "Living Incurably"

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