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They say that back pain affects 80pc of the population at some point in their lives. Mine, started in my late 20’s with extremely debilitating low back pain. Treatment in the first years consisted of physiotherapy and manipulation by an osteopath and chiropractor but eventually surgery was the only option. Thirty years on from that first surgery I have undergone many more of them and had two life threatening episodes. During my years of pain, Many a day I’ve felt despair, rage and profound disappointment that I could not do certain jobs. I looked like a question mark, bent like someone 20 years older, I felt like an object of pity. Pain is introspective, it doesn’t give a dam about the rest of the world. I’ve been on numerous courses on ‘pain management’ and even took a home study course on it so that I could understand my body from top to toe. It has been a long, tedious and at times expensive journey for me over the last thirty years to research and find help for my pain, but thinking positive is something I have always tried to adopt. I need a daily afternoon sleep to help me get through the rest of the day but I don't mind, I've made my bedroom into a sanctuary just for me to enjoy (hubby doesn't mind) and after a couple hours of rest, I'm like a new person. I think one of the hardest things to deal with apart from the pain is the perpetual tired feeling which makes things more difficult for me, many a day I could go back to bed at 11am but I try to wait until after lunch. A healthy body is less susceptible to stress and the best treatment to help my pain is to channel my energy into my body to produce endorphins. For me now, my pain is controlled by juggling with a gambit of drugs and injections as there is nothing else they can do (surgery wise) to help alleviate my pain so it’s down to me to pace and maintain it the best way I can.


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As a back pain/fibromyalgia sufferer myself I feel my blog has helped raise awareness of both back pain and fibromyalgia. Pain is introspective; it doesn’t give a dam about the rest of the world. So being able to help others in pain is something I find very humbling and gratifying. Blogs are great ways to reach people who are suffering alone.  — Barbara

Barbara suffers from chronic pain 24/7 but works endlessly on her blog to help others in chronic pain. Even when she is away on holiday she still keeps up with her blog and followers. After undergoing five failed back surgeries she is an inspiration to all of us.  — Chris

Barabra's move into developing a group on Facebook was a great one and it offers an avenue for many people with Chronic pain disorders such as fibromyalgia a place to discuss their health issues, and their life problems too. It's a great hub to share her posts that she writes on her blog that give useful advice about chronic pain related things,  — Carole Sian

Back Pain Blog

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