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After four spinal operations I still suffer with chronic back pain. It has been part of my life for over 30 years. In 2007 I was also diagnosed with suffering from fibromyalgia. Back then there was very little available on the internet about coping with either of these conditions so I decided to set up my Back Pain Blog. My site is full of the latest treatments, product reviews, therapies, drugs, tips and website links on back pain, fibromyalgia and arthritic conditions. I have made many friends over the years through writing my blog and feel that if it can just help one person to cope with chronic pain then my blog is worth writing. .


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As a back pain/fibromyalgia sufferer myself I feel my blog has helped raise awareness of both back pain and fibromyalgia. Pain is introspective; it doesn’t give a dam about the rest of the world. So being able to help others in pain is something I find very humbling and gratifying. Blogs are great ways to reach people who are suffering alone.  — Barbara

Back Pain Blog

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