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Elyse Wagner is an inspiration because sheboldly shares her story of going from being taunted as "Obese Elyse" as a child, to now the internationally recognized "My Kitchen Shrink." Her positive attitude, compassion and love for her clients is evident in every inspiring video she creates. As a fellow coach, her commitment to her clients continues to inspire me.  — Jessica

Elyse is one of the 30 in the entire nation that has a dual masters degree in holistic nutrition and health psychology. She provides a unique approach to help women specifically stop dieting, body shame, food guilt and help create peace with themselves and food. She provides personal exeperience paired with her unique education to create delicious health transformations.  — Wes

Elyse creates weekly video blogs where she shares multiples tips on how to create a better relationship with your body, food, mind and overall health. I love her videos because there is always an action step towards the end and she really knows how to create a sense of community which keeps me coming back so that I know there are others relating to what I'm going through.  — Edna

Elyse is a well-educated and informed holistic nutrition professional. She helps women on a daily basis create peace with their food, attitude and body image while becoming their most nourished, wisest and loving self. She is passionate about what she does and deserves the recognition!  — Ginny

Elyse Wagner has been growing her business not only throughout the local chicagoland community but nationally. With her recent release of the Smoothie Secrets Revealed Book, she is making large waves throughout the health community. With a focus on helping individuals identify their internal and personal issues and guiding them to growth & health  — Nicole


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