Michael Fernandez- Migraine Discussions

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He is courageous and inspiring!  — Joann

Their are way too many reason to list. Go to the website below and you will see exactly why I am nominating Michael Fernandez for #1 HEALTH ACTIVIST HERO. DON'T MISS A CHANCE TO SEE A MAN THAT GOES ABOVE AND BEYOND TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE EVERYDAY WITHOUT FAIL.  — Michael

migraine discussions is awesome. a real migraine sufferer who cares !  — alicia

Michael has taken on the roll of advocate while fighting for his own life ! His poetry is heartfelt and beautifully written!  — alicia

Even with several devastating illnesses and constant migraine, Michael has made it his mission to educate and advocate. He has written books of poetry about his pain, developed a website, and is an ambassador for the Migraine Research Foundation. He is truly inspiring.

Michael works tirelessly to help people become aware of chronic illness. He helps those who are suffering themselves realize they are not alone and gives support when and where it is needed even though he suffers daily with debilitating chronic diseases himself.

Michael Fernandez- Migraine Discussions

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