Dr Peta Stapleton

Patient Leader

I am a registered Clinical and Health Psychologist in Australia and the Program Director of the Master's of Clinical Psychology at Bond University. I lead world first clinical trials investigating Emotional Freedom Techniques (psychological acupuncture) to treat food cravings in obese adults, and am now applying it to healthy eating, activity and resilience levels in overweight youth. Our results have been outstanding and EFT appears to be a valid adjunct to traditional approaches in the obesity challenge, especially for children and youth. We have also finished the world's first neural scan studies of EFT to see what happens in the brain.


Rookie of the Year Patient Leader Hero

Dr Stapleton’s most significant contribution is evident in leading a world-first randomized clinical trial investigating the effectiveness of a new and innovative treatment for food cravings/weight issues in overweight/obese adults and now youth (psychological acupuncture).  — Peta

Dr Peta Stapleton

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