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Friends/family ask me medical/health questions all the time, and seeing as I am always reading Nursing, Medical, Nutrition, and Health journals, I usually have a strong opinion. I know that there are tons of trends out there, in regards to health, that the “news” will report as the next “big thing” in healthcare and I like to read up about these things, in scientific journals and get the real deal and spread the info. I also have found that a lot of my friends/family have similar questions, so I thought that the general population might be interested too!! If there is something that you are interested in, that I haven’t discussed or delved into enough, feel free to email me! Also any suggestions I make are just that, I do not know YOUR specific medical history or needs, so please discuss with your MD/DO/APRN before changing your diet/lifestyle/etc. Ask me ANYTHING!

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Nurse Bridgid

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