Liz McCallum - Founder: Big Beautiful Wellness

Patient Leader

A lifetime big beautiful female, with all the challenges & demands of having a career in social work & corporate training, Liz had met women around the world who were struggling with their Plus Size bodies & Lives. In 2010 Liz launched Big Beautiful Wellness - - a program that provides information & inspiration about HEALTHY, ACTIVE, & POSITIVE living in a Plus Size body. Over 15,000 WOMEN ONLY have registered & receive daily support in their battle against the diet industry negative messaging. Endorsed by Yale University - Rudd Center for Food Study & Obesity and the Canadian Society for Obesity Research. Liz is "every woman" working for "ALL WOMEN"


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Liz is a motivational speaker, social worker and founder of Liz believes in people, she believes in living now, bringing plus sized women together to create positive momentum for full, active, positive lives. Big Beautiful Wellness has been endorsed by the Rudd Centre, Yale University. She has over 15,000 FB followers.  — Liz

Liz McCallum - Founder: Big Beautiful Wellness

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