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My name is Cameron "Cam" Auxer, aka Pajama Daze. I've been a Spoonie my entire life. I developed asthma and allergies shortly after birth, arthritis in my young adulthood, and continual mild subluxations, among other things. Beginning in 2005, I had a run of bad luck, with 3 mild heart attacks over 8 days in 2005, a 10 year bout of chronic fatigue syndrome, another heart attack in 2008, and a diagnosis of Fibromuscular Dysplasia in 2012. I had a hard time seeing a future for myself. I then started to connect with others on a chronic illness website; their inspiration and good advice helped lift me up to a world of new possibilities. That's when I decided to create to give back to the community that gave so much to me, and to help inspire others who felt stuck as I had. I started blogging by myself, but eventually invited others to submit guest blogs, photos of creative endeavors, books for review, and other material. As a result, Pajama Daze grew and blossomed. I began promoting the website and shared helpful information through social media, and before I knew it, I had 12,000 followers on Twitter and over 800 on Facebook. I also created an online magazine on Flipboard. Pajama Daze became a "thing"! In 2015, I realized the folks who shared their stories on my site were treasure chests of knowledge and inspiration. I proposed a book compiling the personal stories and collective wisdom of 31 other Spoonies. After 3 years of lillnesses, upheavals, and other challenges amongst the group and myself, including the death of my father, the suicide of my sister due to being refused pain medication, and a cancer diagnosis, I published When Bodies Break: How We Survive with Illness and Disability in December 2018. All royalties are donated to the Benaroya Research Institute in Seattle for research into autoimmune disease. The book can be found on Amazon in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and other countries, and reviews have been very positive!


Peterborough, NH


Best in Show: Blog Advocating for Another Patient Leader Hero Best in Show: Twitter

CB (Pajama Daze Author) has been extremely helpful to me since finding her on Twitter. She works hard on her website/blog ( to provide not only information relating to medical issues and healthy cooking, but also entertainment for us "Spoonies". There is a section on the site for "Joyful Work" and "Creative in our Pajamas" that feature a few disabled people and show us that we can still do what we love, even if it's at a much slower pace than we were once used to and we can do it in our jammies!  — ChrystalAnn84

Shares pertinent and appropriate information for people with chronic illnesses.

They always have fantastic, helpful articles about many different types of health related issues. And they are also very interactive and helpful with others online.  — Mary

Cam is such an amazing, caring and loving woman. She officiated my wedding and has been an inspiration in my life. She has dedicated so much of her time and energy to help others with illness. If anyone deserves this award it’s her.  — Anthony

Cam is a friend, an inspiration & a mentor to many. We met on Twitter several years ago. In fact, my first few poems were published on the PajamaDaze website & I’m forever grateful for her. Because of Cam, all of us in this pajama clad group embrace joy & possibility despite illness. Cam never asks for anything, yet she deserves the world!  — Mary

Cuz she's ALWAYS there 4 NE1 when they need NETHING!!!!! Plus despite ALL of HER medical issues she's ALWAYS cheerful n kind  — Courtney

Uplifting ,accurate and helpful, this woman is consistently an advocate for our "spoon" community . Published When Bodies Break : How We Survive with Illness and disability - which I am going to order now as I meant too since December  — Ann B

She is an amazing role model! Love her so much!  — Billie Jo

Pajama Daze

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