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My name is Stacie and I'm 24 years old. I was first diagnosed with Lyme disease when I was 12 years old, re-infected around age 18, and received antibiotics at age 22. By sharing my story, I hope not only to successfully fight Lyme, but to also spread awareness about tick-borne diseases. I started to write about what it's like to live with Lyme and the illnesses that have stemmed from it, but it has become so much more than that. I've since started educating my local community and created the #LymeChat on Twitter. I wanted to help fellow 'Lymies' in whatever ways I could, but they have been the ones who are helping me! By sharing my personal experiences and knowledge I've gained after graduating with a B.S. in Public Health, I hope prevent even one individual from going through what I've been through.


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Stacie (Fight Lyme) has a presence of positivity and hope. Not only does she spend her time spreading information about Lyme disease, she also holds a weekly Lyme Chat where all of us in the community can come together and talk. She organizes it so well, and has created a place to meet new people and learn new things.  — Christina

Even though Stacie feels as sick, if not more so, than us other Lymies, she works hard to run a weekly support online support group called #LymeChat. I look forward to communicating with others in this forum about my disease and it's impact. The ability to connect in an organized fashion is truly a gift. She also posts the weekly chats on her blog She's given me an open an honest place to talk with others and I, along with many others, am truly grateful for the work she does in our online Lyme Disease community. Her efforts should absolutely be recognized.  — Rose

Fight Lyme

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