Jocelyn Delaney

Patient Leader

I grew up swimming, playing field hockey and lacrosse. But I was always taught that I wasn’t healthy, fit, strong, or fast because I didn’t have the same body as the women in fitness magazines. I couldn’t be healthy if I didn’t have a six pack, if my thighs touched or if I ate sweets from time to time. I followed unhealthy diets, obsessed over the number on the scale and did workouts I didn’t enjoy because they promised the fastest results. I was doing everything unhealthy to try to get to the body I was supposed to have to be considered “healthy.” The Always Beautiful Project is meant to change the idea that there is only one fit body type and to create more body positivity with fitness.

Past Awards Participation

Fourth Annual Health Activist Awards


Rookie of the Year
Jocelyn Delaney

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