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I'm the Manager Director and Trustee of charity KIDS RUN FREE. Kids Run Free Charity is not only a Charity involved in organising monthly running events for children, but also has a significant presence in Social Media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Blogspot. On Social Media we are determined to expand our vision - that every child will be able to realise there potencial through running. We post regularly about the benefits of exercise, studies and news, and try to spread the word of other behaviors that contribute to a healthy life style.


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Martine not only is one of the founders of Charity KIDS RUN FREE, but also a trustee, Manager Director and she does all of this for free. She is very active and very passionate about children having a healthy life style. Always looking into new ways to improve the Charity's service to the community, she is unstoppable. KIDS RUN FREE is a small Charity that greatly depends on its volunteers, I believe it is thanks to Martine charisma, enthusiasm and commitment that the volunteers the charity has work so hard and help it grow.  — Carmen

Martine has dedicated her life to help children lead healthier and happy lives. She is highly motivated and takes action. She works on a voluntary basis and gives her time to the cause of Kids Run Free. She has worked relentlessly to help KRF reach as many children as possible.  — Gail

Martine co-founded a charity Kids Run Free in West Midland in 2010 and is now the trustee and Volunteer Managing Director of the charity. Kids Run Free organises community events for children. She has worked hard to expand and enhance Kids Run Free since its founding and has recently overseen the charity's expansion out of the West Midlands.  — Carmen

She is the co-founder, but leading figure with the children's charity, Kids Run Free. She has grown the charity in 3 years to a stage now where it has 12 sites hosting regular, free running events for children, into a charity that next year will have over 20 sites, with a further 10 sites planned each year for the following 2 years.  — justin


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