Alex, CEO & Founder of CPAP Clinic

Patient Leader

CPAP Clinic was founded in 2009 to help support and bring solutions to those who suffer and are diagnosed with obstructive, mixed or central apnea. Providing quality and compassionate customer care has been critical to our success and growth. CPAP Clinic provides exceptional service, on-line, in-store, and in-home. We are known for our commitment to patient care, quality service, timely and accurate reporting of results. CPAP Clinic offers high quality technology based products for sleep apnea testing and treatment, as well as CPAP and Auto Pap Machines, Masks, Accessories, Replacement parts, CPAP Pillows, Anti-Snoring products, Aromatherapy, Cleaning Products & Body Support foam items.


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Alex goes out of his way on so many levels to help people with sleep disorders. People ask for him by name, as he has earned a reputation of helping people overcome their fear of being diagnosed with Sleep Apnea or other Sleep Disorder Breathing issues. He makes house calls. He is a great example of a health care professional that truly cares.  — Liz

Alex, CEO & Founder of CPAP Clinic

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