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NAMI "In Our Own Voice" Presenter Kern County Mental Health Academy Award Nominee Kern County Board of Supervisor's Recognition for "Extraordinary Accomplishments, contributions, and leadership to Mental Health" Mission To give awerness of Mental Illness, PTS, STOP VETERAN SUICIDE, STOP VETERANS DRUG AND ALCOHOL ABUSE, and to give support to many military veterans and first responders & "FAMILIES" Company Overview This is a support page for anyone who has or has any family members that are suffering from Mental Illness. We have many resources for everyone to check out or if anyone just needs to talk....... Description PTS "A FAMILY MATTER" PTS (Post Traumatic Stress) is not just a personal issue. As many that have been diagnosed with this disorder, it is a hard fight that one must face. But it's not just by yourself. This group was formed to let Military Active/Reserve and Veterans, fire fighters, first responders, police, sheriffs, correctional officers, and EMT know that you are not ALONE. Family is the biggest support anyone could have and the family suffers with you!!!!!!! General Information Post traumatic stress disorder (PTS) can occur after someone goes through a traumatic event like combat, assault, or disaster. Most people have some stress reactions after a trauma. If the reactions don't go away over time or disrupt your life, you may have PTS.

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Third Annual Health Activist Awards


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