Prayers and Apples

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A resource for mind-body-spirit research, featuring a database of scientific studies and a blog offering easy-to-understand explanations of new developments within the field.


Best Kept Secret Health Activist Hero

She adds the perfect amount of humor to science and health the keep things super interesting but still cutting edge and informative.  — Jessica

Prayers and Apples is my go to Health site! Jessica does an Amazing job at keeping us all informed and up to date on all the newest health studies and fitness tips. Her ability to use humor and intellect to keep us daily readers of her blog is truly remarkable. Her passion to educate and inform the public is uncanning and she truly deserves this award! I love prayers and apples!  — Chester

Her posts are always so well-researched, properly cited and she always has a pleasant tone; never preachy! I love how she pulls in God, healthy living and fitness into each post.  — Judy

Jessica's blog, "Prayers and Apples," is deserving of the Best Kept Secret Award because it is truly one of the most all-encompassing and motivational health and wellness blogs I have ever read. Jessica combines her background in psychology and personal training with her enthusiasm, creativity and sense of humor to address some of society's most pressing issues, including obesity, depression and generalized anxiety disorders. She uses Biblical principals, powerful research and statistics, and even some pop culture to educate and inspire her readers, keeping them coming back for every new post!  — Bethany

Prayers and Apples

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