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Sue Hitzmann and the MELT Method are the best kept secret to getting out of pain. Anyone who has ever experienced pain or wants to help others get out of pain can benefit immediately by taking the MELT Hand & Foot Training! Sue's captivating and humorous storytelling skills make it fun to learn about fascia and its link to a pain-free life!  — Nancy

Sue has developed the MELT Method which helps people get out of chronic pain. It's inexpensive, pain free and they can do it at home with great success. More people need to learn about MELT!  — Leanne

I nominate Sue Hitzmann and her team of MELT instructors throughout the US, Canada, and all over the world! They all have a passion for helping people get out of pain, move easier and live in a better functioning body.  — Meegan

Sue Hitzmann helps people everyday get and stay out of pain. Through her MELT method she has helped myself and my family to live a healthier, happier, more active life.  — Tonya

Sue has dedicated her life to empowering people to get out of pain and take care of themselves in easy new ways that create immediate and lasting change. Through her creation, the MELT Method, she is radically changing lives with simple techniques that anyone can do on their own, at home. She is shifting the paradigm from reactive, ineffective management of pain and other chronic issues to resolution of those issues by supporting the body's healing process in ways that diet and exercise do not address. Once people resolve their chronic issues, they shift to taking care of themselves proactively so that chronic issues aren't a part of their life. Instead, dealing with these issues is replaced by leading a healthy, active, pain-free lifestyle. I've witnessed a thousand times over with my own eyes. She is a Health Activist Hero to everyone she meets.  — Debbie

I nominate Sue Hitzmann for her MELT Method Facebook page. I find her Facebook page to be very educational! She is always giving us quick videos of MELT moves, great health and fitness tips, and also enjoy her Facebook Live segments.  — Kerrie

Sue has devoted her life to helping people get out and stay out of pain thru The MELT Method. She has trained a highly engaged group of Master Trainers to help bring MELT to the world. Sue and her team have trained hundreds of instructors who teach MELT from California to Germany! The MELT team is helping thousands of people live pain free!  — Marge

Sue's blog is packed with pertinent information for one to live a healthy and happy life. She is always researching the latest information And has a great way to present it for everyone to understand.

Sue Hitzmann's blogs are always timely and address real issues in the world of fitness, sports, and health, like her recent blog on concussions in sports. She shares what she does to keep healthy on a regular basis and also is open to trying new things, like her blog on cryotherapy. She speaks to her community passionately, encourages self-care.  — Edya

"Sue is inspiring, energetic, and enthusiastic about living a pain-free, healthy lifestyle." I have taken several seminars with her and always leave full of information and positive, healing energy!  — Cortney

Sue Hitzmann, has created the most amazing self-care method born out of her commitment to helping people live an active pain-free a life. She did not set out to become famous but is touching countless lives through her work. She is a savvy teacher and and excellent trainer. She has a gift for healing through her kindness and by synthesizing her vast knowledge with practical accessible techniques for self-care. She is one of the most inspiring women I have ever met. She radiates health and has worked hard to get where she is so that she can now share this powerful method of healing with thousands of people.  — Joyce

Sue's breakthrough self-treatment techniques to treat the connective tissue system are revolutionary and simple to learn, but the scientific basis and research being done is totally geeky!  — Susan


Sue Hitzmann is the creator of The MELT Method, a self care treatment to ease chronic pain and prevent further injury. She has published a book, toured the country and continues to teach and inspire thousands of people to take better care of themselves with this easy treatment that gets people into their bodies and out of pain!  — Hilary

Sue has worked for years to help people get out of pain. Now she is able to help share her method with millions via her book and the trainings she does around the world.  — Jean

Sue's sense of humor is part of what makes MELT so fun. She has a way of making the nervous system and fascial science so approachable! This is dry and serious stuff but she is constantly telling stories to educate people about their own bodies and the power of self-care!  — Sara

The MELT method and Sue Hitzmann have helped to change mine and my families lives. We feel healthier when we do the techniques from the MELT method and then we are eating healthier and drinking more water. We took a look at being healthy from a different perspective. We feel great and it helps with our recovery from tough workouts.

Sue really shows her variety and depth of knowledge in the wellness field through her blog. I have learned so many different things about nutrition, fascial science (made sorta simple), auto-immune disease and more. It is a very content-rich blog and a great resource for people who are curious to learn or are in need of advice!  — Amanda

She is passionate and dedicated to help everyone lead a healthy active pain free life !  — Sue

Sue Hitzmann

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