Inkwell Arts

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 a safe, creative and accessible space where passion and skills entwine, challenging the stigma of mental health and celebrating the diversity of its participants. It seeks to engage, stimulate and absorb all abilities through creative activity. Users develop life skills such as teamwork and problem solving leading to increased confidence and improved wellbeing. We are part of Leeds Mind, an independent charity whose aim is to enable individuals with mental health problems to flourish. We believe individuals can and do flourish through creative practice and thought Our core values are: Inclusion, Collaboration, Aspiration, Respect and Excellence.


Best in Show: Facebook


Best in Show: Community or Forum

Run under the Mind Charity and helping people with Mental Health Difficulties Inkwell relies on Facebook Social Media as increasingly funding is difficult. Inkwell deserves recognition.  — Daryl

Inkwell Arts

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Best in Show: Facebook Nominee

Best in Show: Facebook Nominee