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My highest recorded weight was 550 pounds in February of 2010. I was considered high risk and was required to see numerous Doctors and a nutritionist religiously every month in order to get clearance. when I lost 40 pounds I got the green light for lap band surgery. I was banded on August 3rd,2010 and by my 2 year in August of 2012 I lost a grand total of 301 pounds (40 preop) . I went from a size 70/7XL and now a 40/Large. My weight loss surgery gave me a whole different outlook on life and was blessed to have a great surgeon, staff, family and friends that believed in me and supported me thru my journey. I became very involved in the Facebook online community, supporting and mentoring people and got to meet a lot of other great people in the community that I consider great friends. I have hands on involvement in a few groups and also have started one for patients that go to my surgeons practice and also attend all my local support groups and on occasion speak at the informational seminars. I am truly blessed to be given a second chance at life and try to pay it forward to the best of my ability. Thank you for your time for reading a little about myself.

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