Sharon Green

Patient Leader

Women's health has been the one unifying element throughout my career that has spanned public health, academic, research, nonprofit, and hospital positions. My advocacy started during the 1968 presidential campaign and was reignited during the Anita Hill hearings in the early 90s. During that decade I chaired a nationwide grassroots campaign that resulted in the first major jump in breast cancer research funding. Currently, the recent public discourse related to contraceptive coverage has reignited my advocacy . I believe women should make informed decisions about their own health and that the information we provide is based on good science and not by sound bites and celebrity causes.


Best in Show: Blog

The Women's Health Research Institute (WHRI) at Northwestern University is an authoritative source for information on women's health. The WHRI blog has posted over 780 blogs on topics related to women's health and has continually engaged with women in the community who need free access to this information.  — Megan

Sharon Green

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