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Since the age of two, she has battled this debilitating disease. She has taken her experiences, good and bad, and turned them into positives and sharing in order help others. He bright, positive attitude is refreshing and you can tell she deeply cares. Her videos and posts are down to earth and informative and she keeps them on a personal level.  — Jeanette

Megan is not only my little sister, but also the strongest will powered woman I know. She has been put through a lot of medical traumas and has faced them head on without fear. I am so proud of the public figure she provides for the IBD society on YouTube and hope that this nomination expands her reach even further!  — Melanie

Meg is a huge inspiration to a lot of people dealing with IBD every day. She has helpful and entertaining product reviews and is not afraid to be brutally honest about her struggles and triumphs throughout her medical journey. I am proud to say that I know her and she makes me proud every day.  — Kyley

Meg is a strong young lady who has been faced with many obstacles in her young life. She has taken her journey to learn and share her knowledge with others who are faced with the same issues.

It's no lie that Meg has been through a lot. But you would never know it on the surface. She is by far the strongest woman I know and instead of bottling up her experiences she has shared them with the world in hopes to help others. Her humor and dedication show first hand what it's like to deal IBD and Crohn's on a daily basis.  — Melanie

Megan has overcome setbacks in her life, met the challenges and turned them into positive learning experiences that she shares on the Front Butt Youtuber.  — Mike

Megs very helpful and does her best to answer any questions I have. Megan has always done her best and is polite,funny ,and non judgemental of people she has helped me through some stoma related problems and has pointed me to the right person if she couldn't give me the answer. I would like to nominate her for this award to say a big Thank you.  — Reginald

Megan, The Front Butt YouTuber

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