Jennifer: Founder/The Joy Bus

Patient Leader


Rookie of the Year Health Activist Hero Patient Leader Hero

Jennifer Caraway, who founded The Joy Bus, is an amazing woman giving back to her community! She delivers free meals to homebound cancer patients. She founded this organization after losing her friend to cancer. She does this out of the kindness of heart and does not get paid for all of her hard work and time! She deserves Rookie of the Year!  — Desire

The JoyBus goes out their way to help everyone in need. The food that is delivered is amazing and a lot of love shows through every meal.  — Dawn

Community is key. As we move further and further from one another through technology it is paramount that we recognize those that make daily sacrifices in order to help make our community WHOLE. We need individuals who inspire happiness and hope in others and the Joybus does just that; inspires, all of us. The health of one is the hope of all.  — Marie

Jennifer:  Founder/The Joy Bus

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