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mentUcate is all about putting you at the centre of mental health education and awareness. Started at the end of 2013 already has a stable community who interact regularly and share personal experiences. My long term aspiration is to build mental health education into mainstream education as tackling these issues earlier in life could greatly reduce the long term consequences and help remove the stigma often associated with mental health.


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mentUcate has really helped me this year through difficult times. They have been really responsive and not judgmental of me, the compassion and sensitivity in helping me with understanding my depression and helping me to take steps in addressing this has been fantastic. Please keep up the great work and you probably don't realise how much you help.  — Aisling

For the first time in many years I feel that I belong. The community of mentUcate is truly a safe place where I can be myself and know that I will not be mocked or made fun of. Since joining the group I have made many valuable connections who I can now reach out to. Please keep doing what you are.  — Karen

Your help really pulled me back from the brink of self destruction. I'm so glad I had the courage to open up to you and that you listened. Your site and advice is great, I know sometimes I didn't want to hear what you were saying but it definitely paid off in the long run. Thank you  — Jeff

Everyday your words of wisdom find their way to me and everyday I enjoy them more and more. Keep sending them words each day, you making me feel better - never had this kind of support b4 it's really helping me  — Darren

The day I realised I was not the only one suffering from depression was the day I gained a whole new perspective on life. The advice I received for the mentUcate community was really varied but importantly helpful and not at all judgmental. If I could make a wish for everyone it would be to ask for help when you need it. Thx mentUcate  — Sarah

This site has really helped me this year, the people in the group are so supportive and offer great advice - thank you  — Hannah


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