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My goal, my mission and passion is to promote ADHD awareness while supporting men and women who are searching for online support for their or a loved one's ADHD. I am passionate about my work because I know first hand (I have ADHD as does one of my children) how appropriate treatment can make one's life change so dramatically. I am an internationally recognized expert in the field of ADHD as a psychotherapist, consultant, writer and coach with a special interest in women with ADHD. I am the author of the award winning book: "The Queen of Distraction." You can find me at my websites at www.ADDconsults.com and www.QueensOfDistraction


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Terry informs and educates the world about living with AD/HD. She does this with grace and with humor.

Terry works very hard on line & in person to help her clients.  — Robert

She gives so many people with ADHD support online through Facebook. She shares her knowledge of expertise in ADHD. She motivates, inspires and challenges people through what she posts on Facebook.

I've been a colleague of Terry Matlen's for decades. Her determination to provide quality information, support and references is boundless! She never tires of keeping her efforts current and accurate, and reaches out to thousands who might otherwise not receive service. In her area of expertise…assisting women (and men) with ADHD…she is widely respected and relied upon as a top notch resource in the world of ADHD today!  — Wilma

Terry consistently provides support and information to adults who struggle with ADHD. She openly shares her own challenges and provides positive insights and tips, often based on her own trial and error...and success!  — Linda

Terry has a great online presence, and is a wonderful resource for people with ADD/ADHD. She is the first person I send people to, when they ask me for information on ADD. She works to keep things up to date, and frequently offers new classes or groups to help people get going.  — Corine

Hal Meyer of http://www.addrc.org/ has worked passionately and endlessly to promote awareness and understanding of ADHD and its impact on the individual and families.  — TerryMatlen

Terry is a pioneer in providing information re ADHD to the public and professionals who work with them. Her websites, seminars and blogs are all outstanding.  — Harold

Terry runs a group for women with ADHD and I've witnessed first hand how she has helped so many. Terry "gets it" and she rolls up her sleeves and helps women get back on track.  — Colleen

Terry is an internationally recognized expert in the field of Women with ADHD. She uses social media to help educate and support women extensively. She is also the author of the award winning book, "The Queen of Distraction." Her work has been a huge asset to those with ADHD and those who live/work with women with ADHD.


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