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Terry struggles daily to give her brother the loving care he deserves as he battles a devastating neurodegenerative disease called Multiple System Atrophy. She types out her blog about these daily tribulations during stolen moments when her body would rather be sleeping - but writing is the salve for her soul. It is also a true inspiration for others in this same fight. Love may not heal all in the physical world but it reaches far beyond and radiates from her words into the hearts of her readers.  — Pam

Terry has created a safe haven for caregivers of those with Multiple System Atrophy. She has a unique ability to uplift others through sharing her original writings and poetry. Terry takes the time to acknowledge and appreciate every person who drops by and leaves a comment or a like at her site and she creates new ways to engage the community.  — Pam

She is unselfish with her time and does her best to be there for others  — Lezlie


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