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Lucina was born in Trinidad and migrated to the USA in 1983 and settled in Brooklyn. Lucina is married and have two children. Lucina started My Time Inc after 20 years in special education. My Time Inc is a parent support center in Brooklyn where the mission is to support educate empower enlighten and uplift parents of a child with autism and developmental disabilities to live a life they deserve in their community.


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The mission of My Time Inc is to Support Educate Empower Enlighten and Uplift parents of a child with Autism and Developmental Disabilities. My Time Inc is unique in its approach to providing support to the parents we serve. This uniqueness is attributed to it founder and Executive Director Lucina Clarke. When Lucina first envisioned My Time Inc. to provide parent support, she was met with skepticism and encountered a litany of negativity from those within the industry. Lucina is the thread that is woven deep within the fabric of My Time Inc. and can be describe as an innovator due to the creation of something that is a vital component to the parents we serve. Lucina has been on a journey of great proportion capturing the attention of her peers as well as those who perpetuate humanity. In 2009, she won the Brooke Russell Astor Award. Last year, she received a proclamation form Public Advocate Bill De Blasio. Congressman Hakeem Jefferies bestowed the Dr. Susan Smith Mckinney Humanitarian Award to her.  — Wayne

My Time Inc. is a not-for-profit that supports, empowers, educates, enlightens and uplifts parents and caregivers of children with Autism and other developmental disabilities to live a quality of life they deserve in their communities. My Time Inc. creates an environment that is free of judgement and prejudice. Parents attend support groups, educational and behavioral workshops, recreation and social activities. My Time Inc. believes that the parents and their communities can be partners in creating a safe and empathetic environment. This is why I believe My Time Inc. is the "Best Kept Secret."  — Denise


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