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Dr Bauman considered by nearly everyone as one of the most authoritative clinical experts in autism, and one who has led the charge for understanding the pathology of autism, and founded the Autism Treatment Network. She recieved the Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Society for Autism Research not only for her clinical and research expertise, but also for her tireless advocacy for her patients and for educating the public about critical and important breakthroughs in autism and how the affect families, and for networking among specialists in the field.  — David

Margaret L. Bauman, MD is an outstanding, compassionate, & brilliant diagnostician, clinician, and researcher in the field of autism. She makes a difference everyday in the lives of individuals with autism & their families, those she mentors, and those who do not even know her, but who have benefitted from her pioneering studies and practice. It is her >30 years of work in autism (embarked on long before autism was thought about by most) that spurned the best practice care for individuals with autism. Dr. Bauman sees the person first, respects and cares for them for who they are, then she works with the patient, the family, other medical professionals & educators to evince the best outcomes for those entrusted to her care. We who live in the world of autism owe so much to this amazing woman.  — Kay

She is tireless in her efforts to help children with autism live up to their full potential. Her advice/support/referrals have been priceless to my 2 boys. I am so grateful for her help. Also, she is a super-nice lady who gives you her full 100% attention every time you see her. We feel so lucky to have her as our doctor!  — Debra

Margarte L Bauman MD has provided current state of the science information for families of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder while never missing what is unique and the individual child. She is a leader in the field, bridging the gaps that exist between education, therapy and medical care for these complex kids.  — Kathy

The Autism Research Foundation is a fabulous organization run by a small group of people who are making fantastic strides in the fight against autism and Margaret is the driving force behind it. This should be applauded  — Lisa

Dr. Bauman is a pioneer in the filed of autism and an amazing advocate for children. Her work has had an unprecedented impact on the field, helping to move autism into science and out of speculation. She takes the time to connect with parents, professionals, educators and advocates and she is often found doing the "little things" - working with advocacy groups, walking an art gallery where an artist with autism's work hangs, donating her time. She is a thoughtful, accessible health professional and should be recognized!  — E.

Dr. Bauman is a pioneer in research on autism as well as a dedicated clinician whose attention to treating the whole person brings out the best in the patients she serves.  — Valerie


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