Esmé Weijun Wang

Patient Leader


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Health Activist Hero

She is a courageous voice of our time!

She is a tireless and articulate advocate for self and others. Esme is able to put into words what is so hard to describe to someone who does not experience challenged mental health.

Esme is a fascinating writer: Creative, talented, and thoughtful – with a curiosity about life that naturally draws you in... A true Renaissance woman. Learn about her history with mental health issues, and she becomes simply astounding. Her shared stories are easy to access, powerful, healing and hopeful. Making the world a better place, for sure.  — Mary Ann

Esme reaches communities both online and through public speaking . She is one of the only women from the Asian community coming forward to talk about her mental health challenges. This HERO is breaking down barriers.. She speaks to young Asian students about her experiences and makes it a bit easier for them to seek help if they need it.  — Terri

Esme writes from the heart, from her own experience and is an inspiration on how to live with mental illness and thrive...through the good and the bad times. For me, Esme personifies kindness and I wish her well. x  — Kate

Esme's writing is a balm for those of us who are suffering from mental health issues. She's an inspiration!  — Amelia

Esme spreads awareness of mental health challenges based on her personal experience, which is significant. She does so in a thoughtful, articulate, and -- frankly -- beautifully written way that highlights the human component and stigmas of mental illness.

Esmé's writing offers hope, confidence, and a warm hug to those suffering from any form of mental illness, but she also explains what it feels like in a way that allows people who do not have mental health problems to understand it a little more. I think Esmé makes the world a little easier to live in for people with mental illnesses.  — Mariasole

The entire reason I follow her writing is for her advocacy for mental health disorders and her honesty about sharing her own personal struggles. I write about artists, and see them suffering from a number of mood disorders. I believe Esme shows compassion, care and hope for many.  — Molly Ann

Esmé Weijun Wang

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