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Hello! My name is Chrissy, but I also go by Glam Without Gluten. I was diagnosed with celiac disease in July 2008. For almost 4 years I felt alone, never knowing anyone else with celiac disease, and that is why I started my YouTube channel in March 2012 and a closed Facebook group June 2013, so no one would ever have to feel alone again in the gluten-free world. The ladies in my Facebook group are like a second family, which is why I call them my "glam fam". I previously worked in the health care field for almost 10 years. The way I interacted with my patients was unique. I have always loved to make people laugh and go out of my way to make someone smile. I thought if I could get across on camera how I interacted with my patients then my mission would be complete. There are so many amazing advocates in our gluten-free world. I am honored to be one of them. I love interacting with so many people such as myself, encouraging them, helping them and letting them know that their new life living gluten-free isn't over, it's just beginning. Sending long emails and getting to know these women across the world is simply priceless. I stand up & beside our gluten-free community. Fighting at times to be understood, as our disease is not, some think because it is "invisible" it just isn't there. In our closed Facebook group I wanted to create a place away from open social media where women can come knowing they wouldn't be attacked for what they said about their food choices, asking several questions, about taking care of their gluten-free child, or because they are lost & confused right after being diagnosed and just need to vent, cry, kick & scream during their "grieving" process. In our "glam fam" we encourage each other, see the positive from the negative, cry together and most of all have fun & laugh!!! Have a glam amazing day! Chrissy Glam Without Gluten


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Her community "Glam Without Gluten Support Group" is one of the closest gluten-free support groups out there. Everyone really has each other's backs in tough situations. We've made life-long friends there!  — Celiac

Chrissy Strong has done such an amazing job at keeping unity and knowledge-share at the forefront of our FB "Glam Without Gluten Support Group". We connect with so many people who are going through the same things with Celiac disease, and her forum has been instrumental in keeping us together. I have friends far and wide now and know that I am not alone in this battle!  — Tamara

Chrissy is in charge of a celiac Group on facebook which is private. It gives the members an awesome, positive,secure place to discuss all things celiac. She is our commander in chief and Super Glam Allstar! Glam without Gluten Support Group rocks thanks to Chrissy!  — Susan

The glam without gluten support group she started and engages in for women living a gluten free lifestyle due to celiac or intolerance. The women in the group can discuss, vent, laugh or cry about anything and everything (gluten related or not) and it has really become a little virtual community (family). We are all really there for each other and Chrissy has and does go over and above for the ladies many times.  — Christine

Chrissy is a total inspiration! She has created a fabulous facebook group Glam Without Gluten Support Group and has brought so many glamtastic women together who at one time or another have felt alone and isolated. Our group is an amazing support for all of us...I can honestly say that since I've joined this group, I feel like my life has completely changed. Now I know there are others out there that share my demise, but we help each other cope!! Chrissy made that happen....coco <3  — Shelley

She runs a support group on facebook for those of us glam ladies with celiac disease, gluten intolerance and gluten sensitivity. We have become a big family, sharing stories of pain and suffering all the while providing suggestions for similar problems, and introducing all that is gluten-free to newly diagnosed members. Chrissy is our rock and our anchor, moving us all toward a common goal of glamourous gluten free living, while encouraging friendships, collective activities and support for each other. She often provides videos of new recipes or to discuss certain aspects of being gluten-free. She is a very engaging speaker, using humor and real life experience to make her videos enjoyable to watch, as well as being truthfully informative.  — Christine

She is a youtuber, Glam without gluten! She always helps us out and she has a support group on facebook with a bunch of glamtastic ladies. Chrissy is an amazing person and so supportive of the celiac/gluten intolerant community. We all love her  — Jose

This group has not only helped me by giving me tons of information & helpful advice about celiac disease & the gluten free life, it has provided friendships and support to so many of us struggling with this disease. She goes out of her way to inform us, support us, stand up for us, and make us laugh.  — Jennifer

Chrissy has brought together an awesome family of gluten free girls to inspire and support each other through all areas of life, including the gluten free life! She is amazing in everything she does and is constantly reaching out to all of us, as well as advocating on our part for a gluten friendly world!  — Jen

Chrissy, glam without gluten, reaches out to the gf community through youtube, facebook, instagram. She is always there to help and she has a support group on facebook to help those who live gluten free. She is amazing and deserves this award  — Jose


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