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Kenzie is a licensed social worker, writer, and avid reader. She is currently residing in the suburbs of Minneapolis, MN with her boyfriend L + service dog in training, Ophelia. Kenzie is an incredibly passionate young woman battling 3 complex medical conditions that have shaped her into the resilient, determined, and tenacious individual she is today. Kenzie enjoys connecting with other individuals affected by chronic illness and autoimmune diseases. Kenzie will soon launch a new website and merchandise store entitled “Be The Cactus Kenz.” She is thrilled about this new venture and looks forward to merging a unique variety of disease communities through her new website.


St Paul, MN


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Kenzie is my hero because she's been through a lot these past few months. Seeing her at a recent conference, let alone seeing her speak which brought me to tears and then seeing her all weekend after such a battle with her health. She amazes me and she also finished her degree that she worked her tush off for. I'm so darn proud of her!  — Kristin

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Kenzie (bethecactuskenz)
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