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I created Lady of Lyme to share my journey through the ups & downs of Lyme disease. My mission has always been to connect with other people going through the same struggles, and to share the raw truth of what it's like to be fighting a Chronic Illness. I was misdiagnosed for 5 years, and my story is all too common among the Lyme community. This disease is "the great imitator" and by the time most people get diagnosed they are overwhelmed. Like many other Chronic Illnesses, Lyme disease is an "invisible illness." Often times patients suffer silently on the inside but look "fine" on the outside by the world's standards. It leaves them feeling misunderstood and often times very alone. I wanted Lady of Lyme to be a place where others can come for information and support. I am extremely passionate about advocating & I hope this blog can be the first step to great change and awareness.


Louisville, KY


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Christina's posts always show up in my FB feed at the most PERFECT time. Though we haven't gotten the chance to meet/hug in person, nor have we had the chance to chat much...I admire so much of what she does to advocate for Lyme disease & all of its complications-- especially the pain it causes. I have learned so much thru the words she shares!  — Rhonda

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