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I created Lady of Lyme to share my journey through the ups & downs of Lyme disease. My mission has always been to connect with other people going through the same struggles, and to share the raw truth of what it's like to be fighting a Chronic Illness. I was misdiagnosed for 5 years, and my story is all too common among the Lyme community. This disease is "the great imitator" and by the time most people get diagnosed they are overwhelmed. Like many other Chronic Illnesses, Lyme disease is an "invisible illness." Often times patients suffer silently on the inside but look "fine" on the outside by the world's standards. It leaves them feeling misunderstood and often times very alone. I wanted Lady of Lyme to be a place where others can come for information and support. I am extremely passionate about advocating & I hope this blog can be the first step to great change and awareness.


Louisville, KY


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For anyone who has a chronic health condition of any sort, Lady of Lyme's website is the best kept secret. She speaks to the hearts of everyone with a chronic illness, not just Lyme disease. She shares her struggles and invites you into her life. I felt like I was so much less alone when I read her blog, and I have learned so much. Even though she is sick herself, she goes out of her way to help others any time they need her. She is the best kept Health Secret for anyone struggling through a Chronic Illness.  — Ciara

I came across Lady of Lymes website. I instantly felt a connection to how raw and honest she was on her blog. I kept reading and found a wealth of information on supplements, healthy foods, and even how to handle the emotional struggles that come with an invisible illness. On top of her blog, she also has a twitter where she regularly interacts with people.  — Ciara

I want to nominate this blogger for the Health activist award. She makes a difference for so many of us in the Lyme disease community. Personally I have been following her blog and twitter for a year now, but recently reached out to her for some help. She could not have been a more kind young lady. Christina (lady of Lyme) was so helpful to me a practical stranger. She became a personal cheerleader to me when I did not have many people around to help.  — Tristan

She is active online every day. I get my best information about new things happening in the Lyme world from her. A very positive and uplifting presence. I enjoy very much following her and all she has to share.  — Tristan

From the minute I found this blog it just really resonated with me. I have been suffering from Chronic Lyme for 2 years and the information provided is excellent. I am so glad I was able to find this blog. I am an avid reader and it's very relatable and inspiring. I look forward to the "new post" emails! TY!  — Helen

Lady Of Lyme

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