Emily Bradley (Chronic Curve)

Patient Leader

An ePatient advocate writing and speaking about life with autoimmune arthritis, chronic pain, and rare diseases. Empowering patients and improving health care one step at a time.


Health Activist Hero Best in Show: Blog Healthcare Collaborator: Patient Patient Leader Hero

Emily inspires me every day. In addition to taking care of herself in the face of multiple very challenging health conditions, she continues to attend college classes, and provides support and information to her many online friends and followers.  — Melissa

Despite a loaded class schedule, Emily always finds time to advocate for others, raise awareness, and help rare disease and rheumatic disease patients! She is truly my hero.  — Kirsten

Emily is such a moving and inspirational activist. She isn't afraid to share what she's going through and that makes her so relatable and supportive. I just love her!

Emily Bradley (Chronic Curve)

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