Gorilla Doctors

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The Gorilla Doctors are dedicated to saving the lives of critically-endangered mountain and Grauer's gorillas through health care. Our international team of veterinarians is the only group providing these animals with direct, hands-on care in the wild. Operating in Rwanda, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, our veterinarians care for all of the wild, human-habituated groups of gorillas, as well as all orphaned infants rescued from poachers in the region, and many other species of animals in need of veterinary care. With a special USAID Emerging Pandemic Threats program PREDICT grant, Gorilla Doctors is at the forefront of a global campaign to identify the emergence of new infectious diseases in wildlife that could pose a major threat to human health. Gorilla Doctors in Rwanda and Uganda are leading the field work for this important effort, safely and humanely collecting samples such as blood, saliva and feces from rodents, primates, bats, and birds in places where these species come into close contact with people.

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Third Annual Health Activist Awards


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Gorilla Doctors

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