Real Talk with Dr. Offutt

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In an effort to create a health dialogue specifically for teens, I created "Real Talk with Dr. Offutt". This online resource uses social media to reach teens where they are with free, relevant, useful, and accurate medical information for teens, and more so to involve teens in discussions about their own health. Medical misinformation is rampant on the internet, and teens often go online searching for health information. As health choices made by young people during their teen years will ultimately affect their lifelong health, I hope to address some of the existing gaps in teen health education with this interactive educational resource and online community.


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Dr. Offutt addresses huge gaps in adolescent health care. Half of the 50 states do not require medically accurate health education in public schools, and although it could occur in the recommended annual medical check-up, many teens do not receive one. Dr. Offutt uses social media to encourage teens to become actively involved in their health.  — Mary Ann

Real Talk with Dr. Offutt

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