Ken Paul Rosenthal

Patient Leader

I am a mental health activist and filmmaker who makes innovative mental health documentaries that offer new maps for navigating madness with insight, healing and hope. I’m passionately committed to alleviating human suffering by sharing these provocative and beautiful films with those whose lived experiences exist outside of what society considers normal, as well as anyone who might feel ‘crazy’ in today’s chaotic world. I recognize a universal need for engaging these films in compassionate spaces so we can collectively restore authenticity to our lives. Hence, over the past four years I’ve presented my most recent project, 'Mad Dance: A Mental Health Film Trilogy' worldwide at: 16 Peer support and recovery networks 36 Community health events 26 Mental health symposia 23 University psychology programs and art school counseling centers 39 Film festivals 2 County jails In addition to my busy presentation schedule, I’ve distributed over 3,000 DVD's to individuals, mental health non-profits and academic libraries from North America and Europe to the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. In light of it’s international acclaim, the first film in the trilogy, ‘Crooked Beauty’ has been translated into Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Hebrew. ENDORSEMENTS: INTERVIEWS & REVIEWS: I am deeply honored by the WEGO Award nomination, and would appreciate your support of my continued activism and outreach by clicking the endorsement tab below my picture. Mad love and love madly, Ken Paul Rosenthal


Health Activist Hero Advocating for Another

Brilliant activist filmmaking  — Joe

Good guy.  — Danny

I believe Ken Paul Rosenthal should receive the Health Activist Hero award for his outstanding mental health film trilogy, Mad Dance. I have used one of the films in the trilogy, Crooked Beauty, many times as an educational tool in my mental health activist and advocacy work. Each time I show the film minds are opened and people come away often invokes tears and it always sparks conversation. People have told me that it is the first time they have felt truly validated and they walk away empowered. I believe Crooked Beauty, and the entire Mad Dance film trilogy, are vastly important works in the world of mental health activism. I believe that Ken deserves to be honored for the important work that he is doing in changing the lives of people who are struggling with mental health issues.  — Nina

Ken Paul Rosenthal deserves the Health Activist Hero award because of his amazing trio of inspiring mental health films, the Mad Dance Trilogy. I have viewed the films several times, I have shared them with my family and friends and witnessed their reactions. These deeply moving and profoundly beautiful films are both complex and subtle in the way they illustrate and express the human experience of mental illness and its challenges, both personally in the larger context of our society. I have felt richly inspired by and truly spoken for through Ken's voice and vision. Ken has traveled extensively with his films, speaking with sincerity and integrity to educate and enlighten a diverse audience on the topics of mental health issues and those who struggle with the daily challenges of navigating through life.  — Adam

Innovative filmaker and passionate health activist, Ken is a natural choice for the Wego Health activist hero award. As a youth programming coordinator and facilitator for a youth driven art and social justice organization, I am forever grateful Ken has allowed us the space to discuss mental health to contemplating youth. His "Mad Dance" trilogy is poignant and barrier-breaking. I screened his film " Crooked Beauty" at a community arts dialogue and received much praise and tears- for many youth felt 'accepted' for the first time in many years. Providing a space where folks can feel accepted and connect with one other is quite possibly one of the most effective ways to heal, and Ken makes this possible. It is my hope Ken will win this award so to utilize the platform to further his incredible work in mental health advocacy.  — Jannika

Ken deserves a Health Activist Hero award for his important and moving film trilogy, Mad Dance. These beautiful and moving films stimulate a profound and fundamental realization in everyone who views them: that confusing, sorrowful or anxious experiences of living are not necessarily illness but rather a reasonable human response to challenging circumstances that are not to be suppressed or somehow gotten rid of but to be explored as windows to greater understanding of our precious human sensitivity that can lead to a more deeply felt and experienced life within a more firmly rooted kind of mental health. Ken has spent the last few years creating and promoting these films as a way to bring people out of isolation into the shared understanding that we all experience our lives in varying but similar ways.  — Jeff

Ken Paul Rosenthal

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