Ken Paul Rosenthal

Patient Leader

I am a mental health activist and filmmaker who makes innovative mental health documentaries that offer new maps for navigating madness with insight, healing and hope. I’m passionately committed to alleviating human suffering by sharing these provocative and beautiful films with those whose lived experiences exist outside of what society considers normal, as well as anyone who might feel ‘crazy’ in today’s chaotic world. I recognize a universal need for engaging these films in compassionate spaces so we can collectively restore authenticity to our lives. Hence, over the past four years I’ve presented my most recent project, 'Mad Dance: A Mental Health Film Trilogy' worldwide at: 16 Peer support and recovery networks 36 Community health events 26 Mental health symposia 23 University psychology programs and art school counseling centers 39 Film festivals 2 County jails In addition to my busy presentation schedule, I’ve distributed over 3,000 DVD's to individuals, mental health non-profits and academic libraries from North America and Europe to the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. In light of it’s international acclaim, the first film in the trilogy, ‘Crooked Beauty’ has been translated into Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Hebrew. ENDORSEMENTS: INTERVIEWS & REVIEWS: I am deeply honored by the WEGO Award nomination, and would appreciate your support of my continued activism and outreach by clicking the endorsement tab below my picture. Mad love and love madly, Ken Paul Rosenthal

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Third Annual Health Activist Awards


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Ken Paul Rosenthal

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