Patrick James Lynch

Patient Leader


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I am nominating STB because they created hilarious way to educate and advocate in the hemohilia community. It's a great way to reach out to the younger community.  — Lovee

STBHemo combines community leaders, blogging, twitter, access to helpful resources, relevant content, powerful educational resources, and shareable interactive media. And best of all, it's free! P.S. Patrick is awesome!  — Rachel

Hilarious and creative mechanism for coping with hemophilia while raising awareness.  — Justin

Having worked on this webseries, I have seen the kind of positive impact it has in the hemophilia community. The mission of its creators is to use humour to raise awareness; a mission I couldn't be more in favour of!  — Megan

There are some people in this world creating work that is grown from the richest soil in the heart, sprouted by the sunshine of absolute silliness, and bearing specialized knowledge that fruitfully tickles the proverbial funny bone. Stop the Bleeding is this kind of work.  — Jessica

Bringing awareness through the power of laughter is not something you see everyday, but no one does it better than Stop the Bleeding! I cannot think of a more genuine, loving, and just plain funny individual, than leader of Stop the Bleeding!, Patrick Lynch. Here is a man who took his own life experience as an opportunity to help a nation in need and through YouTube, created awareness for a not so aware hemophilia community. I am touched by Patrick's work and his ability to change lives everyday.  — Brittany

They have used their talents to help promote hemophilia awareness. They have been role models for younger aged persons with hemophilia.  — allen

I nominate STB! And Mr. Lynch for this award because of his comedic approach to creating awareness and education. His outreach work with kids/teens living with blood disease is inspiring and incredibly useful!  — Patrick James

Believe Digital creates programming for both adults and children in the hemophilia/bleeding disorders community. They are using humor to heal!  — Megan

Patrick James Lynch

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