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Because she shares helpful information on fibromyalgia and does it with a sense of humor!  — Karen

I love fibromodem's blog because she is so adamant about getting awareness of fibromyalgia out to the public. She is very uplifting and often uses humor to help others relate. It really helps to read what others are going through and how they cope. If we stand together, we are all stronger. She gives us a place to stand together and share our successes as well as our failures. When you have fibromyalgia, it is easy to give up on ourselves, our obligations, and our desires. She has never given up and has continued her quest! I applaud and appreciate her amazing efforts. She deserves many awards.  — Rita

She rises above the shared experience blog- which are usually quite depressing, to focus onpositives and opportunities for change.

I am a fellow fibro warrior and I love her website, blogs etc. Purple Lady keeps it real which resonates with me on so many levels and as well as giving us comic relief, she provides up-to-date information on this debilitating disease and is making her voice heard! Good Luck from Toronto, Canada!!  — Cathy

Simone provides great information about treatments for fibromyalgia, dealing with pain, and dealing with the emotional trauma. While her blog is world-wide, she still gives a personal touch. My favorite fibro resource!  — Kimberly


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