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Perkasie, PA

SpoonieStrong is not only a great tumblr blog but its presence on FB reaches people in a more personal way. Connecting on FB allows others to experience SpoonieStrong. There's a private support group page as well as a general SpoonieStrong page. SpoonieStrong relays information on FB pertaining to the chronic illness community very well.  — Stephanie

SpoonieStrong created and actively maintains a supportive community for people of all ages on tumblr. The participants feel so comforted and welcomed. My words do not do justice to her activism. Your description of the reason for "Best in Show" very accurately describes what SpoonieStrong provides.  — Maria

A brilliant Facebook group for spoonies to chat and rant and try to feel a bit more normal.

Such a great resource to get support and information. I feel less alone with Spoonie Strong.  — Erika

The person who runs this blog has been a cancer survivor since she was 5 and currently has autoimmune diseases and works tirelessly to connect with other people in the spoonie community and to be a beacon of hope and comfort for others struggling with the symptoms of their disease and to provide a space for others to feel welcome and accepted.  — Barett


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