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Michelle's blend of humor and honesty never fails to entertain and strike a chord with her readers. I regularly feel as though she has seen inside my brain and written about my exact problems. She's a wizard.  — Claire

She tells it like it really is without drama or over-sentimentality, but with humour and great strength.  — Lynn

Michelle writes in a very self deprecating way. She is clearly very unwell with her Dysautonomia (which in itself is a difficult illness to understand) yet she makes her readers laugh at her episodes of being unable to get out of bed, go to the toilet or drink a cup of coffee without spilling it.  — Lisa

Michelle is a master at finding humor in some of the darkest of situations. Her blog is entertaining as well as educational and she never stops reaching out to those most in need of emotional support and Dysautonomia information.  — Chris

You crack me up, teach me, and inspire me. Big love to ya!  — mildlymedicated

I am newly diagnosed. Faced with uncertainty, no cure, hundreds of doctor appointments ahead, sadness, grief, and confusion, Michelle guides me through. She gives education,encouragement, disregards her privacy to share the honest reality of life with a chronic illness and how she manages it with wit and humor. She inspires me to keep fighting to get well and at the same time to enjoy the little life I do have left. And she does it all with ruby red slippers. Who can beat that?  — Laura

Michelle always manages to capture the essence of what it is like to live with a disabling chronic illness. She has helped so many others who have no voice of their own or who are simply looking for some answers. Her candid descriptions and discussions on her own symptoms have shown others they are not alone, Her writing itself is also terrific. The way she constructs her blog keeps me coming back for the next instalment. Definitely the best health blog I have read!  — David

Michelle manages to make me laugh even while she is wracked with pain, and as she peels herself off the bathroom floor, deals with less-than-ideal medical care, and faces all the downsides of disability. She is also a fierce advocate and has the soul of a poet, but what keeps me coming back is her unflagging sense of humor in spite of it all.  — Amy

I was sent to Michelle's blog by a NFP in the States when I was searching for others like me. Michelle blogs from Australia, I live in New Zealand. Michelle's blog is not only crammed full of good solid information, she is also hilarious, prolific, talented, moving and helps me to navigate my way through the treacherous waters of Dysautonomia.  — Rachel

Michelle delivers excellent content that resonates with her readers all with her signature dry humour. She can tackle any topic and make it both funny and relatable - she has a true gift  — Claire

When I was first diagnosed with POTS I felt alone, scared, and lost. Then I found Michelle's blog, and shared a couple of smiles and laughs about our dysfunctional bodies. I have never met her but she has been instrumental in my acceptance of having POTS. On bad days I look to her posts to help me cope with be stuck on the ground (literally).

Michelle is candid, funny, and very honest of her life with Dysautonomia. She does a great photo series - #UpAndDressed - which showcases her fashion, but also tells the audience about her disability. She made being constipated seem glamourous - opening up a discussion that's rarely talked about.  — Carly

I have followed Michelle online for years. She is like your favorite cookie recipe. The one that's time tested and true. It is your go to recipe. It's perfection. Michelle has the unique ability to blend humor, honesty, realism, sarcasm, insight, and intelligence into just the right recipe to educate about Dysautonomia. Plus, she just rocks.  — Keri

Michelle's blog taught me many years ago that I wasn't alone that there were others like me in the world and made things a little less scary. I have followed her blog ever since for her dry / witty sense of humour and the information it conveys. My nomination is a way to say thank you.  — Rachel

Michelle Roger

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