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Derby, KS


Patient Leader Hero Lifetime Achievement Best in Show: Twitter

I first was aware of Therese on #creaky chats. I was impressed with her openness about her struggles with her disease. I am new to this world, and I appreciate her kindness and support to all. Her posting of relevant information is excellent. She is a strong advocate for those of us with invisible disabilities.  — Susan

She is passionate about spreading awareness and has linked with other organizations and activists in addition to IFAA, to promote good information to the general public. She is a pillar in the RA community and deserves to be recognized for all her work on Twitter.  — kelly

Therese works diligently to post for our nonprofit, the International Foundation for Autoimmune Arthritis (IFAA), on Twitter, providing updates on everything we are doing and giving sneak-peeks of things to come. But most importantly, she spends literally hours of her own time during the weeks preceding World Autoimmune Arthritis Day (WAAD) promoting the event, promoting the nonprofits who have signed on to participate in the event and tweeting awareness "blurbs" for each of their organizations, PLUS still getting the work out about IFAA and anything we are doing alongside our hosting of WAAD. Therese is also always looking out for new people/nonprofits to introduce our organization to and loves making new relationships. She is a tweeting superstar and although she volunteers hours upon hours of work each month to help out in spreading autoimmune arthritis awareness, she does it with a sense of humor and makes it all seem effortless. She is our tweeting awareness hero!  — Tamara

She works hard everyday to show her support to others and lift their spirits. She is an inspiration to me.  — Lorna

Therese is a twitter warrior. She connects people through her posts about rheumatoid arthritis and The International Foundation for Autoimmune Arthritis. She is dedicated to making a difference for others living with autoimmune arthritis.  — kelly

Terez is passionate for IFAA, Autoimmune Arthritis and spreading the word. She loves Twitter and doesn't let RA get the best of her!!  — Deb

Therese is such an inspiration to those young people living with autoimmune arthritis. She really paved the way for going into a clinical trial for a biologic which is now helping a lot of people too!  — Effie


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