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An online community for the half a billion people worldwide who battle anxiety. Made with ❤ without any ads.


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I first joined Anxiety Space 1 year ago when it opened. The Administrators and Moderators REALLY care about the people on the site. They have never been mean and always helpful giving positive encouragement to everyone. I never thought I would make a family on the internet but Anxiety Space made that possible. They need every award possible, please.  — Amy

This site is one of the safest sites I've been on. Maybe it has been best it's been kept a secret for so long. It's a safe haven. I've never felt as safe as I have to post on a mental health site as I have this one. I will echo a bit of what others will say. The staff really does care about the members and post like members themselves. I've been on several sites and this is now my home forum. I hope others find it and experience the support.  — Mike

Anxiety Space

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