The Voice of Lupus

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Reeanna Erani Yogeeta Harrilal is a 33-year-old native of Trinidad and Tobago, who first started experiencing symptoms of the disease as a child. Reeanna has learnt to fight back, start her own charity for the cause - and even win a national award for her work in the Caribbean nation where she lives and advocates for lupus patients worldwide. In 2011, the Voice of Lupus Foundation was formed. And I've never looked back. The mission is to give this largely medically unrecognised disease a voice worldwide through aggressive outreach efforts, awareness campaigns, and social networking. What are creating change this through education, advocacy, awareness and action. I am a champion of HOPE.


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Ms Harrilal is a Lupus Survivor and has championed the cause to give other patients a Voice in her country. She also has a large following of Lupus Patients in the US. She raises funds to help unemployed patients every year. I believe she really deserves this award.  — Chameraj

The Voice of Lupus

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