Patient Leader

Hi, I'm Suzanne! My favorite word is "HOPE"; it is a verb & to have it, you must do something. I've been a patient health advocate since '05. I'm a Chemo-Angel & Mentor for pain/CRPS patients. I'm an Ambassador for US Pain Fdn. I do awareness, events, fundraisers & I won US Pain Ambassador of the Year Award for '16. I'm an author for National Pain Report Magazine, for US Pain Fdn. & I have my own blog to spread awareness. My blog is "Tears Of Truth" on Wordpress at: I've founded/admin. 6 support groups on Facebook & I'm starting an "in person" support group in MI. I spread awareness & use Social media to reach into the world & help others cope & to spread HOPE.


Canton , MI


Unsung Hero

She is a Mom to everyone she meets. She makes sure you are okay and makes sure you get help. She is always raising awareness for RSD/CRPS and talking to her always brings a smile to anyones face! She is my hero!  — RSDCRPSDoesntOwnMe

Suzanne is always someone you can go to in a time of need and get support. She stops what she is doing and cares about your situation 120%. She takes time out of her normal life to organize fundraisers, awareness events, and educational displays in order to educate the world about CRPS. She is truly my hero and I cannot think of life with her!  — RSDCRPSDoesntOwnMe


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Best in Show: Community or Forum Nominee

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