The Myasthenia kid

Patient Leader

Hi my name is Rachel and I am also known as The Myasthenia Kid. I have been blogging since 2008. I try to raise awareness of many medical conditions not just those that affect me. I suddenly became very sick in 2007 completely out of the blue. However looking back now I can see there were signs for years before hand that things weren't right. My blog also features my 3 Weimaraners (dogs) and of course my husband. I want to help patients feel more in control and gain knowledge of how the system works in the UK. I also want to help all my readers know they aren't alone. My medical conditions are Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility type and Dysautonomia to name a few.


Best in Show: Blog

For her devotion to educating others about her chronic illness as well as helping others with chronic illnesses. Additionally, she helps other individuals by helping spread awareness about conditions unknown to many. For instance she did a piece to educate her readers about the neurological condition, Dystonia. She is an inspiration!  — Brittany

The Myasthenia kid

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