Patient Leader

My goal is to bring comfort to people in many challenging health situations through my twitter feed and blog. I use my experiences as a caregiver for my husband, counselor,hospice professional, educator and parent


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Her tweets and blog posts literally *bring us comfort.* She is attentive and kind-- she sets the bar high for social media behavior!  — Allie

Gilly inspires and shares with great compassion, honesty and vulnerability. She shares her life and experience consistently making ties to important lessons for all of us to raise our heads above challenges to find the space to continue to breathe and move forward. Her blog is fantastic and so is all of the value that she brings.  — Alli

Gilly uses her blog to help bring comfort to people who are facing difficult, stressful and life-changing situations. Through her blog and twitter feed @bringingcomfort Gilly shares effective strategies, highlights helpful articles and provides tools and inspiration to help her readers make a difference in the lives of others.  — Jonathan

Written from the heart makes this a feel good blog that you can turn to when life presents challenges.  — Tali

Gilly's writing is eloquent and honest as she helps provide insight and advice to those in need.  — Jonah


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