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This is the best closed support group for people with Auti Immune Diseases and their families to gather and receive support during our very tiresome and endless illness journeys. The Administrators and members are some of the most supportive and compassionate people you could ever find.  — Liz

this little family of folks has such a wonderful caring, sharing dynamic, and it just blows me away everytime I see them in action. folks who come to us will usually come away with such a feeling of being loved,heard and appreciated  — Wendy

This group is wonderful, the support and caring that the members show toward one another is so inspiring, and comforting. It is a peaceful place that you can come with your concerns, triumphs, or sorrows and be consoled, lifted up or have someone share your joy. Thank you for all of the love and support that you have shown me so often.  — Wendy


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