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2 years ago, I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety and Depression. Part of my healing process was to write in my journal all the darkness I was going through. As I continued to write for personal reasons, people started coming to me and asking me how I felt. I couldn't explain it, and they didn't understand. I started blogging about depression and mental illness, to assist my family, my friends, or others suffering to understand, or at least grasp that depression is a real illness and not all in my head.


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Because her posts are open, raw and speak the truth about mental illness, and related issues. She suffers from Agoraphobia, Clinical Depression, Anxiety and Panic Disorder.  — Kim

For her courage to share her on going experience with depression and agoraphobia. She is a writer from the heart and also posts quotes that are helpful. But mainly for her courage and honesty in exposing herself so humbly to others in order to give support and create a place where it is safe for everyone to talk about mental illness and discover that they are not alone.... Let's talk !  — Carole

Kim raises awareness and engages others with her excellent blogs that are posted on Facebook.  — catherine

Kim's big open heart and her willingness to advocate for the health and well-being of others is impressive. She also willingly shares her story...her ups...her downs...with everyone she engages with on facebook. She is doing a great job at raising awareness and engaging others on facebook.  — Kim


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